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Yafeng has become one of China's most notable household paper experts in China, and supplies a variety of unique products, including facial tissue, paper rolls, boxed tissue and everyday tissue. Thanks in large part to customer loyalty and product quality, we have provided facial tissues packed in boxes, soft pack facial tissues, paper rolls, jumbo roll tissue, mini tissue, paper napkins and toilet paper to internationally known customers, both foreign and domestic, including Disney, Careefour, Don Quijote, Aeon, Purex, 99 Cents, Melitrade and Supersaver. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we have a team of experts to recommend customized products to customers, who can choose from a variety of raw materials to get the highest quality paper product to suit their needs in a variety of industries, including wholesalers, supermarkets, hotel chains, and medical companies.

    1. Facial Tissue (Box Type)

      Main material: 100% pure wood pulp paper, mixed pulp paper, recycled paper
      Size: Regular: 196mm×198mm, 196mm×180mm, 200mm×198mm (Customizable)

      Target customer group: Household paper wholesalers, supermarket chains, hotel chains and household paper traders

    1. Toilet Roll / Toilet Tissue

      Product type: Toilet paper in roll form or bulk pack form
      Regular width: 106mm, 110mm, 114mm
      Regular length of toilet roll: 25m or 27.5m for double-ply toilet tissue; 50m, 60m, 75m for single-ply toilet tissue

    1. Facial Tissue (Soft Pack)

      We produce excellent soft pack facial tissues in different packaging specifications, including 100 sheets/pack, 200 sheets/pack, and 400 sheets/pack and supply them to supermarket chains, hotels and retailers.

      Packaging pattern: Mainly based on customer's design. Our designers offer professional suggestions.

    1. Kitchen Paper Towel

      Material: 100% pure wood pulp
      Type: Draw-out type (Note: Roll type is unavailable.)
      Packaging specification: Separate package, 5pcs/package, 3pcs/package, (customizable)

    1. Jumbo Roll (Tissue)

      Main material: 100% pure wood pulp paper, mixed pulp paper, recycled paper
      Number of plies: Single ply (single-ply jumbo paper roll); double plies (double-ply jumbo paper roll); Size: Width: 90mm, 95mm, 98mm;

      Regular length: 300m, 500m, 600m, etc.

    1. Pocket Tissue / Wallet Tissue

      Main material: 100% pure wood pulp paper, mixed pulp paper, recycled paper Regular size: Pocket tissue: 205mm×200mm, 205mm×205mm, 205mm×215mm, 215mm×210mm,

      215mm×215mm, etc.; Packaging: 6-pcs/pack, 10-pcs/pack, 12-pcs/pack, 18-pcs/pack

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    1. What We Do

      Our company is capable of making household paper in various types and sizes based on customer requirements. According to the specific material, the household paper can be classified into 3 different types.

    1. Quality Control

      As raw materials are crucial to the final product quality, it is important to use high quality raw materials to make our tissue paper products.

    1. Household Paper Customization Flow

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